Mother and Daughter Trapped in EV After Rental Company Fails to Provide Proper Equipment

A mother and her teenage daughter found themselves stranded on the side of the road after renting an electric vehicle (EV) from Hertz, only to discover that the necessary equipment was missing. The pair had initially opted for an EV after the gas-powered sedan they had reserved was unavailable.

Becky Liebau, the mother, reluctantly rented a Tesla from the Hertz lot and embarked on their college tour. However, the Tesla was not in the best condition, with a tire pressure light on and only 91 miles of battery charge remaining. Undeterred, they set off on their journey, intending to find charging stations along the way.

As the miles accumulated, Liebau realized that they were missing the adapter that Hertz was supposed to provide. Without it, they were unable to charge the Tesla. Eventually, the vehicle completely ran out of charge, leaving the pair stranded. With a nearly dead phone, Liebau called Hertz’s roadside assistance but received no help. She then contacted an independent towing company, only to encounter another problem – they couldn’t exit the vehicle as none of the functions were operational.

After the tow truck driver assisted them in getting out, Liebau began receiving exorbitant invoices from Hertz, which she refused to pay. Consequently, Hertz notified her that she was banned from renting with them again.

Hertz explained that the missing adapter was costly and therefore targeted by thieves. They also highlighted the availability of various online resources to assist first-time EV renters. As a response to the incident, Hertz refunded all charges and reimbursed Liebau for her travel expenses.

This incident highlights the importance of rental companies ensuring that EVs are properly equipped before being rented out. It also underscores the necessity for renters to familiarize themselves with the specific requirements and equipment of EVs, especially if it is their first time driving such a vehicle.

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– CBS Chicago (source article)
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