The Citroen e-C4 Faces Challenges in the UK Market

In a recent test drive, Matt Saunders, an EV tester, discovered several issues with the Citroen e-C4 that may hinder its success in the UK market. One of the main concerns is the price, as the e-C4 is priced at £37,195, making it nearly £1,000 more expensive than its closest competitor, the VW ID3. Additionally, the Kia e-Niro, a similarly-sized alternative, is available for almost £4,000 less.

Furthermore, Saunders compared the e-C4 to non-electric vehicles in a similar price range and found that options like the BMW 3-series and the Mercedes GLB SUV offer more space and luxury features. He noted that while the e-C4 may have improved in terms of range and performance, it comes with a price tag that some potential buyers may find unreasonably high.

In terms of range, the e-C4 falls short of some competitors. Saunders mentioned that the top-spec version of the e-C4 is expected to have a range of around 230 miles, whereas the ID3 can achieve about 280 miles in its top-line models. Additionally, the EV Database states that the Mini Electric SE, priced at £7,000 less than the e-C4, achieves a range of 190 miles.

Finally, Saunders pointed out the issue of charging infrastructure. While many EVs in the UK face challenges in terms of charging, he described Citroen’s 100kW rapid charging as “a little way off key rivals.” Autocar’s data indicates that the e-C4 lags behind other major brands when it comes to charging capabilities.

The available evidence suggests that the Citroen e-C4 may struggle in the UK market due to its price, range limitations, and charging infrastructure support. However, it is worth noting that Citroen has not provided any comment on these concerns.

Sources: Autocar