Why the Citroen e-C4 Faces Challenges in the UK Market

A recent test drive of the Citroen e-C4 by EV tester Matt Saunders has revealed some concerns that may impact the demand for this mid-sized hatchback in the UK market. In an article for Autocar, Saunders highlighted three main issues.

Firstly, the price of the e-C4 is a cause for worry. Priced at £37,195, it is nearly £1,000 more expensive than its closest competitor, the VW ID3. Additionally, the Kia e-Niro, a similar-sized alternative, is available for almost £4,000 less. Even high-end electric vehicles like the Range Rover Evoque can be purchased for under £40,000. Comparatively, traditional combustion-engine cars such as the BMW 3-series and the Mercedes GLB SUV offer more space and luxury features at a similar price point.

Saunders also expressed concerns about the range of the e-C4. According to his testing, the top-spec version of the car has an expected range of around 230 miles, lower than some of its competitors. The VW ID3, for example, can achieve approximately 280 miles in its top-line models. The Mini Electric SE, priced at £7,000 less than the e-C4, can provide a range of 190 miles.

Furthermore, the e-C4’s charging infrastructure has been deemed subpar compared to other major brands. Although most electric vehicles face challenges with charging infrastructure in the UK, the 100kW rapid charging system of the e-C4 was described by Saunders as “a little way off key rivals.”

These concerns about price, range, and charging infrastructure place the Citroen e-C4 at a disadvantage in the highly competitive UK electric vehicle market. It remains to be seen how Citroen will address these issues and improve the appeal of their electric hatchback.

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