IF Metall’s Aggressive Tactics Aim to Disrupt Tesla’s Giga Berlin Manufacturing Facility

Swedish union IF Metall continues to intensify its campaign against Tesla, seeking to pressure the electric vehicle manufacturer into signing a collective agreement. The ongoing anti-Tesla strike in Sweden has gained momentum, with IF Metall now targeting Tesla’s largest manufacturing plant in Europe, Gigafactory Berlin.

In its latest move, IF Metall has set its sights on stopping Gigafactory Berlin by involving a Swedish company that produces aluminum profiles for the Tesla Model Ys manufactured at the facility. The union aims to disrupt Tesla’s vehicle production significantly, emphasizing the importance of these aluminum profiles for the crash safety of the Model Y.

While Tesla Sweden argues that it already provides agreements equivalent to or better than those of collective bargaining, IF Metall remains determined to secure a collective agreement, causing disruptions in Tesla’s production process. If the supply of aluminum profiles is disrupted, the production of the all-electric crossover would likely come to a halt. Notably, the Tesla Model Y has become Sweden’s best-selling car model this year.

The union’s aggressive approach raises questions about Tesla’s response and potential alternatives. Journalist Anders Nyman suggests that Tesla might turn to its Chinese supplier for aluminum profiles if IF Metall’s actions continue to hinder Giga Berlin’s operations. Such a move could solidify Tesla’s aversion to Swedish unions and potentially strain bilateral relations.

As this conflict unfolds, it remains uncertain how Tesla will navigate the mounting pressure from IF Metall. However, it is clear that the union’s aggressive tactics pose a significant challenge to Tesla’s manufacturing operations at Giga Berlin.


What is IF Metall?

IF Metall is a Swedish union representing metalworkers, with a significant presence in the manufacturing industry. It advocates for workers’ rights and often negotiates collective agreements with companies.

What is Gigafactory Berlin?

Gigafactory Berlin is Tesla’s manufacturing plant located in Grünheide, Germany. It is one of the largest Tesla production facilities in Europe and is responsible for producing the Tesla Model Y for the European market.

Why is IF Metall targeting Tesla?

IF Metall is targeting Tesla to push the company into signing a collective agreement. The union believes that a collective agreement would provide better working conditions and benefits for Tesla employees.

What are the potential consequences of disrupting Tesla’s production?

Disrupting Tesla’s production process could lead to delays in vehicle deliveries and financial losses for the company. It could also impact the job security of Tesla employees and the supply chain of other companies dependent on Tesla’s manufacturing operations.