Are Teslas Really “Not Fit for Purpose”? TV Presenter Slams Tesla’s Customer Service

Renowned TV presenter and former F1 mechanic, Marc Priestley, has publicly criticized Tesla and its customer service, claiming that the electric vehicles are “not fit for purpose.” Priestley, known as F1 Elvis, expressed his disappointment with the car manufacturer after encountering two issues with his Tesla.

One problem that Priestley mentioned was his car’s steering wheel, which he claimed was “delaminating.” Additionally, he stated that the seat control button had simply “snapped off.” Expecting these issues to be covered under his warranty agreement, Priestley was disappointed when Tesla’s customer service team refused to honor it.

Taking to social media platform X, Priestley expressed his frustration with Tesla’s customer service. He tweeted, “My seat control button snapped off during normal use and my steering wheel’s delaminating, all within the first year, yet #Tesla say the warranty doesn’t cover them! Surely it’s not fit for purpose @elonmusk?”

In response to his tweet, Tesla Owners UK reached out to Priestley, asking him to send a direct message for support. Other Twitter users reassured him that the steering wheel issue should be covered under warranty, with some suggesting that he reach out to Tesla’s service through the app.

However, Priestley claimed that Tesla had explicitly told him that these issues were not covered by his policy. He also discovered that other Tesla owners had faced similar problems with their steering wheels.

Despite Marc Priestley’s negative experience, many Twitter users came to the defense of Tesla, recounting positive interactions with the company’s support teams. They praised Tesla’s service department for going above and beyond to assist customers and honor warranties.

As of now, Tesla has not released a comment regarding Marc Priestley’s claims and the wider issue of customer service. It remains to be seen how the car manufacturer will address these concerns and if any changes will be made to improve their customer service experience.

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