Annoyed Tesla Model 3 Driver Shares Frustrations

One Tesla Model 3 driver, known as “Joe” on TikTok, has taken to social media to express his frustrations with the electric car. In a video clip viewed by his 3.5 million followers, Joe reveals some of the annoyances he experiences while driving his Tesla.

One annoyance Joe highlights is the process of accessing the glovebox. He demonstrates that in order to open it, he has to press specific buttons on the car’s control panel, which he finds “annoying”. Similarly, Joe explains that turning on the windshield wipers requires multiple steps. He has to press a button on the steering wheel and then another on the control panel. These small inconveniences seem to bother him.

Additionally, Joe expresses difficulty in keeping the white interior of the car clean. He describes it as a “nightmare” to maintain. The brief clip showcasing the inside of his electric car has gained popularity on TikTok, accumulating over 461,000 likes and generating more than 1,800 comments.

This dissatisfaction with electric vehicles (EVs) is not unique to Joe. Other individuals have shared their frustrations with EVs as well. Some have experienced unexpected issues, such as a rapid decrease in charge while stationary or multiple breakdowns during driving. Another EV owner mentioned the vulnerability of EVs to theft. Furthermore, a motoring expert has discussed the potential dangers of EVs compared to petrol cars in the event of a fire.

While Tesla is renowned for its innovative features and performance, it’s worth noting that no vehicle manufacturer is immune to customer dissatisfaction. Every driver has unique preferences and expectations, and it’s important to consider individual experiences alongside the overall benefits and drawbacks of electric cars.

– TikTok/@jf.okay