Four Tips to Beat the Queues at Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Many electric vehicle owners have experienced long queues at charging stations, but there are ways to avoid this inconvenience. According to an expert in electric vehicles, there are four tips that can help drivers save time and skip the queues.

The first tip is to utilize rapid charging stations whenever possible. These charging stations have a power output of 50kW, compared to the standard 25kW. This means that an 80% charge can be achieved in approximately 30 minutes, significantly reducing the waiting time.

Secondly, it is advised to avoid peak charging times. Early morning or late-night charging is recommended, as these are periods when there are typically fewer cars present at the charging stations. Additionally, the cooler temperatures during these times make the charging process more efficient, further reducing the time spent waiting.

Thirdly, checking the availability of nearby charging points online can help avoid crowded stations. Apps like Zap Map and PlugShare provide real-time information on the busyness of local charging points, allowing drivers to plan their charging stops accordingly.

Lastly, keeping the electric vehicle regularly topped up can minimize the need for a full charge and extensive waiting times. Taking advantage of charging opportunities during short breaks, such as using the restroom at a service station or grabbing a quick meal, can help maintain range without prolonged charging breaks.

It is important to note that over or under-charging the electric vehicle can potentially damage the battery and reduce its overall range. Therefore, it is advisable to follow manufacturer recommendations for charging.

In conclusion, by following these four tips – utilizing rapid charging stations, avoiding peak charging times, checking the availability of charging points, and keeping the vehicle regularly topped up – electric vehicle owners can optimize their charging experience and minimize waiting times at charging stations.


– The Express

– Luke Chillingsworth, EV expert