Newly Modified Maruti Suzuki Jimny Takes Inspiration from Land Rover Defender

Maruti Suzuki’s highly anticipated 4×4 SUV, the Jimny, has been making waves in the market since its launch. While the car manufacturer initially manufactured the 3-door version of the Jimny for export purposes only, the 5-door version has finally made its appearance. With a range of aftermarket options available, enthusiasts have wasted no time in modifying this SUV to suit their tastes and preferences.

One such modified Jimny has caught the attention of car vlogger Bhawna, who shared a video on her YouTube channel showcasing the SUV’s transformation into a mini Land Rover Defender. The modifications have predominantly been made to the exterior of the vehicle. The stock headlamp and grille have been replaced with designs inspired by the older generation Defender, giving the Jimny a rugged and aggressive look.

The front bumper has also been replaced with a metal off-road bumper, complete with fog lamps and auxiliary lights. The SUV now sits slightly taller than the stock version, thanks to a 2-inch lift kit. The side profile sports new aftermarket ORVMs, 15-inch all-terrain tires, and stock alloy wheels. Adding to its functionality, the roof carries a metal carrier, while the rear quarter glass area has mounts designed to hold jerry cans.

Moving inside, the owner has made minor customizations to enhance practicality. Bottle or cupholders have been added in front of the AC vents to keep drinks cold, and a tray on the dashboard provides much-needed storage space. These additions not only improve usability but also address the limited storage options in the Jimny.

While the transformed Jimny does resemble the Land Rover Defender from certain angles, it is important to note that this conversion may not be the most refined. Regardless, it showcases the creativity and enthusiasm of car enthusiasts who are keen to personalize and express their individuality through their vehicles.


Q: What modifications have been made to the Maruti Suzuki Jimny in the video?
A: The modifications showcased in the video include changes to the SUV’s exterior, such as replacement of the headlamp, grille, and front bumper with designs inspired by the Land Rover Defender. Additionally, the SUV has a 2-inch lift kit, aftermarket ORVMs, all-terrain tires, and a metal carrier on the roof.

Q: Are there any modifications to the interior of the Jimny?
A: Yes, the owner has made minor customizations to the interior, including the addition of cupholders and a storage tray on the dashboard.

Q: Are there any performance upgrades on the modified Jimny?
A: No, the video does not mention any performance upgrades. The modifications are primarily focused on the SUV’s appearance and functionality.

Q: Is this a professional conversion job?
A: While the modified Jimny does resemble the Land Rover Defender, it is important to note that this may not be the most polished conversion. It showcases the personalization and creativity of the owner rather than a professional conversion job.