CEO of Ineos Automotive Stresses the Need for a Mix of Technologies to Achieve Carbon Targets

Lynn Calder, the CEO of Ineos Automotive, believes that focusing solely on battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) to meet the UK’s carbon targets will not be sufficient. Speaking at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ Electrified conference, Calder emphasized the importance of incorporating a mix of technologies, including hydrogen and more efficient hybrid combustion engines, in order to successfully achieve environmental goals.

Calder cautioned against solely relying on EVs and highlighted the need for a comprehensive plan. She expressed concerns that an exclusive focus on electric vehicles would lead to failure and higher costs. Despite her stance, Richard Bruce, the director of transport decarbonization at the Department for Transport, disagreed and stated that pursuing multiple fuel options could be used as an excuse for inaction.

Carlos Rodrigues, the head of Renault Trucks, echoed Calder’s perspective and reaffirmed that BEVs should be the primary choice, especially for the commercial sector. He suggested that hydrogen should be utilized in situations where batteries are not as effective, such as in aviation.

Calder defended her stance by emphasizing the unique needs of certain vehicles, particularly those used in remote areas. She explained that for vehicles like Ineos Grenadier, which is often used for towing and in rugged environments, electric infrastructure is not yet suitable.

Augustín Martín, the UK boss of Toyota, supported Calder’s viewpoint and stressed that carbon reduction should not rely on a single technology. He acknowledged that different regions are at different stages of adopting electric cars and suggested that alternative solutions could be implemented where necessary.

In conclusion, it is essential to consider a mix of technologies, including hydrogen and hybrid combustion engines, alongside battery-electric vehicles in order to achieve the UK’s carbon targets. The suitability of each technology should be based on the specific requirements of different vehicles and regions.

– Lynn Calder, CEO of Ineos Automotive, speaking at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ Electrified conference
– Richard Bruce, Director of Transport Decarbonization at the Department for Transport
– Carlos Rodrigues, Head of Renault Trucks
– Augustín Martín, UK boss of Toyota