Huawei Introduces Groundbreaking Hyper-Sedan Set to Break Speed Records

Chinese automaker, Human Horizons, has taken the automotive world by storm with their latest invention – the HiPhi A hyper-sedan. Collaborating with German hypercar-maker Apollo Automobil, Human Horizons has pushed the boundaries of speed and performance with this groundbreaking vehicle.

The HiPhi A is an all-electric sedan that boasts a mind-blowing 960kW triple-motor powertrain. This cutting-edge technology includes an 800-volt electric architecture and batteries capable of discharging a record-breaking 1.5 megaWatts of power. With an all-wheel drive system, the HiPhi A combines a single 320kW electric motor on the front axle with two additional 320kW motors powering the rear wheels. These motors feature a revolutionary carbon-fibre rotor design that enables them to reach speeds of an astonishing 22,000rpm for over 30 minutes.

One of the most impressive features of the HiPhi A is its lightning-fast acceleration. While specifics have not been disclosed, the sedan is expected to achieve 0-100km/h in just over 2 seconds, rivalling even the acclaimed Tesla Model S Plaid. Furthermore, the HiPhi A has a target top speed of 300km/h, ensuring an adrenaline-fueled driving experience like no other.

To handle the immense power and speed, the HiPhi A is equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes, lightweight aluminium wheels, and advanced materials such as nano-ceramics and titanium. These components not only enhance performance but also help maintain a low overall weight. Additionally, the sedan features perfect 50:50 weight distribution, further enhancing its dynamic capabilities.

In terms of technology and comfort, the HiPhi A leaves no stone unturned. It includes rear-wheel steering, adaptive damping, and torque vectoring for enhanced agility and handling. The sedan also introduces a unique feature – screens on the rear passenger doors, allowing occupants to send messages to other road users. Inside the cabin, passengers can enjoy a large infotainment system, a premium 23-speaker stereo, luxurious Nappa leather seats, and an advanced driver assist system incorporating a staggering 34 different sensors, including LiDAR.

With its innovative design and unrivaled performance, the HiPhi A is set to revolutionize the hyper-sedan category. The public will get a first look at this cutting-edge vehicle at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Stay tuned for more details and unveilings to come.


Q: How fast is the HiPhi A hyper-sedan?

A: While exact figures have not been revealed, it is expected to achieve 0-100km/h in just over 2 seconds and has a targeted top speed of 300km/h.

Q: What makes the HiPhi A unique?

A: The HiPhi A features a 960kW triple-motor powertrain, advanced carbon-fibre rotor technology, and cutting-edge materials to enhance performance and reduce weight.

Q: What are some of the innovative technologies in the HiPhi A?

A: The sedan includes rear-wheel steering, adaptive damping, torque vectoring, and screens on the rear passenger doors for communication with other road users. It also boasts an advanced driver assist system with 34 different sensors, including LiDAR.

Q: Will there be additional unveilings and details about the HiPhi A?

A: Yes, more information will be revealed following its debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show.