InstaVolt Opens First Charging Site in the Lyndhurst Area

InstaVolt, the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, is pleased to announce the opening of its inaugural charging site in the Lyndhurst area of the New Forest. This brand-new location at the Forest Lodge Hotel on Pikes Hill now features two rapid charging stations, adding to InstaVolt’s extensive network of over 1,200 chargers across the country.

With plans to install 10,000 rapid chargers by 2030, InstaVolt continues to demonstrate its commitment to expanding charging infrastructure. The CEO of InstaVolt, Adrian Keen, stated, “We’re excited to bring our award-winning rapid chargers to Lyndhurst. With an unrivaled reliability rate of over 99.9% and the installation of multiple chargers at several sites, EV drivers can rely on us for a seamless charging experience without queues.”

As the number of EVs on UK roads surpasses 850,000, demand for charging infrastructure is increasing. In response to this, InstaVolt recently unveiled plans for the construction of the UK’s largest EV charging “Super Hub” near Winchester. To oversee this development, InstaVolt has appointed Lily Coles, an experienced executive in renewables, as the hub development director.

InstaVolt prides itself on being one of the top rapid charging networks in the country, as confirmed by Zap Map’s annual EV public charging network satisfaction survey. Furthermore, InstaVolt’s chargers operate on 100% renewable energy, creating a greener charging solution for EV owners. The company offers a hassle-free experience, as there is no need for subscriptions or sign-ups. Landowners have the opportunity to earn rental income by hosting the charging units, while EV drivers have easy access to public charging nationwide.

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1. How many chargers does InstaVolt have across the country?
– InstaVolt has over 1,200 chargers across the country.

2. What are InstaVolt’s plans for the future?
– InstaVolt plans to install 10,000 rapid chargers by 2030.

3. Who is the CEO of InstaVolt?
– Adrian Keen is the CEO of InstaVolt.

4. What is the purpose of InstaVolt’s chargers?
– InstaVolt’s chargers provide rapid charging for electric vehicles.

5. Does InstaVolt’s energy come from renewable sources?
– Yes, InstaVolt’s chargers are powered using 100% renewable energy.