Tesla Considers Charging for Heated Seats and More

Tesla’s latest software update has revealed that the company may start charging customers for certain features that were previously included in their vehicles. One of the most notable changes is the potential introduction of a fee for activating heated seats, not just for the rear seats but also for the front seats. This decision has raised eyebrows, as heated seats have become a standard feature in many car classes and are expected in high-tech, premium-class vehicles like Tesla.

Charging extra for features that were once considered standard raises concerns about Tesla’s brand image and whether the company is prioritizing profits over customer satisfaction. This move also begs the question of whether Tesla is following in the footsteps of BMW, which faced backlash for introducing a similar extra charge for heated seats. BMW eventually dropped the fee due to the negative response from customers.

In addition to heated seats, the code discovered by the hacker also suggests that Tesla may start charging for the use of heated windshield wipers, further fueling speculation of the company’s pursuit of increased profits.

It should be noted that it is still uncertain which models and trim levels would be affected by these potential extra charges. Will the base models of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y include heated seats, or will customers have to pay an additional fee for this feature? Only time will tell.

Another discovery in the code hints at an electronic toll connector option, which could potentially automatically pay toll fees for Tesla drivers on toll roads.

Lastly, the code suggests that the Model Y may have the same battery capacity regardless of the trim level, with the standard Model Y RWD being software-limited to a lower capacity. This approach has been employed by Tesla in the past to offer customers the option to upgrade their car’s range with a simple software update.

As Tesla’s plans for these new fees and features are not yet confirmed, it remains to be seen how customers will react and whether these changes will impact Tesla’s standing in the electric vehicle market.


Will Tesla charge extra for heated seats?

Tesla is considering charging customers for the activation of heated seats, both for the front and rear seats. However, it is unclear which models and trim levels will be affected by these potential extra charges.

Why is Tesla considering charging for these features?

By introducing fees for features that were once considered standard or expected in certain car classes, Tesla may be looking to increase its profits. However, this decision has raised concerns about the company’s brand image and whether it is prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Are other automakers implementing similar charges?

BMW, one of Tesla’s competitors, previously attempted to introduce an extra charge for heated seats but faced backlash from customers and ultimately dropped the fee. It is unclear if other automakers will follow suit in implementing similar charges.

When will these changes take effect?

There is no confirmed timeline for the implementation of these potential extra charges. Tesla has not officially announced these changes, and it is uncertain when or if they will be introduced.