I Love My G-Wiz: A Decade-Long Affair with an Electric Car

I own an electric car that I have loved for the past 15 years. Despite its small size and unconventional appearance, my G-Wiz has been a reliable and cost-effective vehicle for my daily needs. Back in 2008, I was living in London with two small children and a job that required commuting. Seeing several of my colleagues at Condé Nast driving G-Wiz cars, I decided to give it a try.

The G-Wiz is a compact electric vehicle (EV) manufactured by the Indian company Reva. It quickly gained popularity in the UK, with GoinGreen being the sole supplier of these EVs. Since then, around 1,100 G-Wiz cars have been sold in the country. I was attracted to the low running costs, which made up for the initial price tag of £9,700.

However, owning an electric car came with its own set of challenges. Since I didn’t have a dedicated parking space or a driveway, I relied on the generosity of my neighbors to let me plug in my car using an electric socket on the front wall of my house. I also had to make adjustments to accommodate the maintenance needs of the vehicle, such as regularly watering the battery with deionized water.

Despite these inconveniences, my love for the G-Wiz endured. Its compact size allowed me to easily find parking spaces in the crowded city, and it even fit two G-Wiz cars in one parking bay. The car was exempt from the Congestion Charge, further reducing the costs of driving around the city. However, it is important to note that the G-Wiz is considered a “heavy quadricycle” rather than a full-fledged car, and it lacked the acceleration and structural integrity of other vehicles.

I also had to be mindful of the battery’s charge while driving. Using the CD player would cause the battery to deplete faster, so I had to prioritize conserving energy in order to reach my destination without any issues. Despite these limitations, I felt proud to be at the forefront of the electric vehicle movement.

The G-Wiz may not have garnered universal praise, with Auto Express magazine labeling it as one of the worst cars ever. However, for my specific use case of short journeys in the city, it has been a perfect fit. It is eco-friendly, taking up minimal space and emitting no pollution. With the imposed speed limit of 20mph in the center of London, the G-Wiz performs well and can even bring some amusement while surrounded by powerful luxury vehicles attempting to restrain their acceleration.

While my love affair with the G-Wiz is not without its challenges, I remain a passionate advocate for electric vehicles. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, it is important to consider the specific needs and limitations of different types of electric cars. The G-Wiz may not be perfect, but it has served me well for over a decade, and I am excited to see how electric vehicles will continue to revolutionize transportation in the future.

– GoinGreen director Alex Pierce
– Auto Express magazine article: “Reva G-Wiz – the worst cars ever”