Jeep Explores Electric Vehicle Options for Indian Market

Jeep is actively evaluating various electric vehicle options for the Indian market. The automaker is currently finalizing its EV strategy but has not disclosed the timeline for the launch of an electric Jeep SUV in the country.

Aditya Jairaj, Head of Jeep India Operations and Deputy Managing Director at Stellantis India, stated that electric vehicles are a key focus for the company. He emphasized that Jeep’s electrification plans in India are inevitable and that the company is studying different options to meet the needs of Indian customers.

Jairaj highlighted that customer satisfaction is paramount in their decision-making process. He mentioned that Jeep has a wide range of EV offerings globally, and they are evaluating which options would be most suitable for the Indian market.

In addition to the electric vehicle strategy, Jairaj also discussed Jeep’s localization plans for the Indian market. The automaker aims to achieve over 90% localization for its affordable SUV, the Jeep Compass, within the next three years. The goal is to have significantly higher levels of localization for their next-generation SUVs.

Jeep currently manufactures its SUVs in India through a joint venture facility with Tata Motors. The facility, located in Ranjangaon, Maharashtra, operates on a 50:50 partnership. The recently introduced Jeep Compass facelift and the special edition Jeep Meridian Overland SUV demonstrated the brand’s commitment to the Indian market.

Overall, Jeep’s exploration of electric vehicle options and increased localization efforts signify their dedication to meeting the demands of Indian consumers. With these initiatives, Jeep aims to solidify its presence in India and contribute to the growth of the electric mobility sector in the country.

– HT Auto Desk