Jeep India Evaluating Options for Electric Vehicles in the Indian Market

Jeep India, a part of the Stellantis automobile group, is focusing on the development of electric vehicles (EVs) in the Indian market and is currently evaluating different options. The company aims to achieve over 90% localization in its compact SUV, the Jeep Compass, over the next three years.

Aditya Jairaj, Head of Jeep India Operations and Deputy Managing Director at Stellantis India, stated that customer satisfaction is at the center of their decision-making process. Globally, Jeep has been expanding its EV portfolio, and they are now looking at various possibilities for India. Jairaj emphasized that electrification is a priority for Jeep in India, although the EV strategy is still being finalized.

In terms of localization, Jeep India is aiming for 40% higher localization in their next-generation products, which is a significant increase from their current level of 70%. Jairaj stated that localization is not only for the Indian market but also to position India as both an important domestic market and a manufacturing hub for exports to other countries.

Exporting vehicles is an integral part of Jeep India’s long-term strategy as it provides economies of scale and cost advantages. Currently, Jeep India exports the Jeep Compass and Jeep Meridian to markets such as Japan and Australia. Jairaj mentioned that exports should work in tandem with the domestic market to offer better value propositions. He also highlighted the potential of exporting vehicles to non-right-hand drive markets, opening up new opportunities for the company.

Jeep India’s current portfolio includes the Compass, Meridian, Wrangler, and Grand Cherokee. The company plans to continue exporting the Compass and Meridian while exploring electric options for future models. With a focus on localization and electrification, Jeep India aims to maintain its position as a leading SUV maker in the Indian market and contribute to the global shift towards electric mobility.

– Author’s knowledge