Jeep India Evaluating Options for Electric Vehicles, Aims for Over 90% Localisation

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a key focus for Jeep in India as the company evaluates different options for the domestic market, according to a top company executive. Jeep India, a part of automobile group Stellantis, is aiming for over 90% localisation in its compact SUV, the Jeep Compass, over the next three years. The company has a joint venture manufacturing facility with Tata Motors.

Aditya Jairaj, Head of Jeep India Operations and Deputy Managing Director at Stellantis India, said that the company is studying options for vehicle electrification and is finalising its EV strategy. Emphasising that electrification with Jeep in India is a focal point that will eventually happen, Jairaj stated that the customer’s needs are at the center of their considerations.

For the next-generation products, Jeep India is looking to increase localisation from the current level of 70% to 90%. Jairaj described this increase as significant and an important focus for the company. He also highlighted the importance of exports in the company’s long-term strategy, as it not only provides scale but also cost advantages.

Currently, Jeep India has four products in its portfolio – Compass, Meridian, Wrangler, and Grand Cherokee. Jeep exports the Compass and Meridian models to markets such as Japan and Australia. Jairaj emphasized that exports and the domestic market need to work together to create more value proposition.

In conclusion, Jeep India is actively exploring options for the electrification of its vehicles and aims to achieve superior localisation in its compact SUV. The company recognizes the significance of exports in its strategy, which provides both scale and cost advantages. Jeep India’s focus on meeting customer needs and creating value proposition highlights its commitment to the Indian market.

– PTI (no URL provided)