New made-in-India Body Kit Transforms Maruti Jimny SUV

Maruti Suzuki’s highly anticipated Jimny SUV was recently launched in India. The SUV, available in a 5-door variant, offers practicality and spaciousness. The growing popularity of the Jimny has led to various modifications, and many owners have eagerly awaited body kits designed specifically for the 5-door version. Finally, India has its own made-in-India body kit for the Maruti Jimny.

The introduction of this groundbreaking body kit is showcased in a video uploaded by Dayakaran vlogs on their YouTube channel. In the video, the vlogger takes us to the Bullhorn Vehicle Customization shop in Delhi, renowned for their high-quality products. The shop owner emphasizes that they prioritize rigorous research to deliver superior products, resulting in a well-crafted body kit. It is worth noting that the kit used on the Maruti Jimny showcased in the video is not imported but entirely made in India.

Resembling a G-Wagen conversion kit, the body kit features an aftermarket grille that effortlessly fits onto the existing mounting point. The grille, made of durable ABS quality plastic, replaces the original Jimny grille, while the bumper also utilizes the same material. Behind the grille, a protective metal mesh shields the internal components.

Moving to the exterior, the stock fenders have been replaced with wider units, providing the SUV with a more imposing presence. The bonnet of the Jimny is enhanced with a faux scoop, adding a touch of muscularity to its appearance. On the roof, a plastic mount houses LED bar lights that are integrated into the kit. Additionally, a snorkel has been installed to complement the vehicle’s off-road capabilities.

The overall aesthetic transformation of the Maruti Jimny is further enhanced by upgraded alloy wheels similar to those found on the G-Wagen, along with thick-profile tires. At the rear, a roof-mounted spoiler and a revamped bumper replace their stock counterparts. The body kit panels can be painted to match the car’s body color or customized based on customer preferences.

While the made-in-India body kit for the Maruti Jimny is undeniably impressive, some may find the front grille design slightly unconventional. Nevertheless, this customizable kit provides owners of the Jimny with the opportunity to personalize their SUVs and elevate their driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the body kit showcased in the video?
A: The body kit featured in the video is a made-in-India kit designed specifically for the 5-door Maruti Jimny SUV.

Q: What materials are used in the body kit?
A: The body kit utilizes high-quality ABS plastic for the grille and bumper, with a metal mesh for added protection.

Q: Are the modifications compatible with the original setup of the Jimny?
A: Yes, the body kit is a bolt-on kit with no need for modifications to the existing setup of the vehicle.

Q: Can the body kit panels be customized?
A: Yes, the body kit panels can be painted to match the car’s body color or modified based on customer preferences.

Q: Are the wheels part of the kit?
A: No, the alloy wheels showcased in the video are separate upgrades chosen by the owner for a clean look.