A Closer Look at the Jimny: Comparing the Three-Door and Five-Door Versions

The Jimny, the newest lifestyle off-roader from Maruti Suzuki, has been making waves in India with its popularity soaring among car enthusiasts. While it was initially launched as a three-door model in international markets, Maruti Suzuki has now introduced a five-door version of this SUV in India. To shed light on the differences between the two variants, a vlogger recently visited a Suzuki dealership and shared a video comparing his three-door Jimny with the new five-door model. Let’s explore the key distinctions.

Exterior and Dimensions:

In terms of design, both the three-door and five-door Jimnys have a similar look, featuring identical front and rear ends. However, the major difference lies in their side profiles. The three-door Jimny has a smaller wheelbase and length, ending at the halfway mark of the rear quarter glass of the five-door version.

The Jimny five-door measures 3,985 mm in length, while the three-door measures 3,645 mm. Additionally, both models have the same height (1,720 mm), width (1,645 mm), and ground clearance (210 mm). The wheelbase of the five-door Jimny is approximately 2,590 mm, while the three-door Jimny has a wheelbase of about 2,250 mm.

Interior Differences:

Moving to the interiors, the five-door Jimny offers some notable distinctions. The rear seats of the five-door model can be folded down, providing extra luggage space. However, unlike the three-door Jimny, the seats do not fold down completely. As a result, the five-door Jimny offers a rear boot capacity of 208 liters, while the three-door model only has 85 liters of boot capacity.

Moreover, the five-door Jimny has rear roof lights that are shifted to the center, and it features a small lamp on the rear left side to illuminate the boot area. In comparison, the rear of the three-door Jimny is completely flat. When it comes to the rear seats, both the three-door and five-door models have two adjustment levels.

Inside the front of the car, the overall layout and equipment remain consistent across both versions of the Jimny. However, there is one notable difference. The five-door model boasts a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which is connected to the vehicle’s ECU, alongside a digital MID screen placed between the two dials of the instrument cluster.

As the popularity of the Jimny continues to grow, the introduction of the five-door variant provides additional options and choices for buyers. Whether you prefer the compactness of the three-door version or the added convenience of the five-door model, the Jimny offers a stylish and capable SUV option for adventure seekers.n

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are there any differences in dimensions between the three-door and five-door Jimny?

Yes, there are variances in dimensions between the two models. The five-door Jimny is longer, measuring at 3,985 mm, while the three-door Jimny is slightly shorter at 3,645 mm.

Q: How do the interiors of the two Jimny models differ?

The five-door Jimny offers rear seats that can be folded down partially, providing extra luggage space. It also has relocated rear roof lights and an additional lamp in the boot area. The three-door Jimny, on the other hand, has a completely flat rear.

Q: Is there any variation in the infotainment system between the Jimny models?

Yes, the five-door model of the Jimny features a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, while the three-door model does not have this specific feature.