Jolt Expands On-Street EV Chargers to Meet Growing Demand for Sustainable Transportation

In a significant development, Jolt, a leading player in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, has announced the implementation of on-street EV chargers in the United Kingdom. Set in motion on November 14, 2023, this progressive step serves as a significant milestone in meeting the increasing need for sustainable transportation options.

Jolt’s on-street EV chargers aim to provide convenient and accessible charging options, primarily in urban areas. By strategically deploying these chargers, Jolt acknowledges the global shift towards electrification and the importance of reducing carbon emissions associated with conventional combustion engine vehicles.

With support from financial giant BlackRock, Jolt brings substantial expertise and financial backing to the forefront. Positioning itself as a key player in advancing EV infrastructure, Jolt’s deployment of on-street chargers highlights their commitment to overcoming one of the main challenges hindering widespread EV adoption – the establishment of a robust and extensive charging network.

This timely initiative by Jolt aligns with a crucial phase in the transition to electric mobility, where infrastructure development plays a paramount role. By addressing the concern of “range anxiety,” which pertains to the fear of finding convenient charging stations, Jolt’s initiative is expected to encourage more consumers to embrace electric vehicles.

In an era where combating climate change has become an imperative for governments and industries worldwide, initiatives such as Jolt’s on-street EV chargers contribute to the collective goal of fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation ecosystem. This collaboration between private enterprises, partnered with the financial support of institutions like BlackRock, demonstrates a shared commitment to driving positive environmental change through innovative solutions in the field of electric mobility.


Q: What is Jolt?
A: Jolt is a company specializing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, backed by BlackRock.

Q: What is the significance of Jolt’s on-street EV chargers?
A: Jolt’s on-street EV chargers address the need for convenient and accessible charging options, particularly in urban areas, helping advance the adoption of electric vehicles.

Q: How does Jolt’s initiative contribute to sustainability?
A: By establishing a robust charging network, Jolt supports the broader goal of fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation ecosystem while reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional combustion engine vehicles.

Q: What is “range anxiety”?
A: “Range anxiety” refers to the fear or concern of electric vehicle drivers that they may run out of charge and be unable to find convenient charging stations. Jolt’s deployment of on-street chargers aims to alleviate this anxiety and encourage greater EV adoption.