LDV Australia Committed to Both Electric and Internal Combustion Vehicles

LDV Australia has no intention of abandoning its internal combustion engine (ICE) business in favor of electric vehicles (EVs). The brand’s general manager, Dinesh Chinnappa, emphasized that LDV is confident in its ICE business and will continue to cater to customer demand for as long as necessary.

However, Chinnappa also stated that the transition to electrification in Australia will not be driven by government support. Unlike in Europe and other markets, where large subsidies are available, LDV believes that EVs in Australia must prove their economic and commercial viability independently, without relying on taxpayer-funded incentives.

While LDV has introduced several electric commercial vehicles to the Australian market, the pricing of these vehicles remains a significant barrier. The LDV eT60 ute, for example, starts at $92,990 before on-road costs, making it inaccessible to many buyers. In contrast, LDV’s ICE ute offerings, such as the T60 Max Pro dual cab ute, are priced more competitively, starting at $41,042.

Despite the challenges, LDV recognizes that corporate Australia is ready to embrace EVs. Chinnappa stated that large-scale businesses are waiting for more competitive pricing and options to become available. Currently, the light commercial vehicle market lacks the breadth of EV product offerings that exist in the passenger vehicle market.

LDV aims to address this gap by launching a new electric four-wheel drive ute in 2024. The brand also plans to introduce the mid-size eDeliver 7 electric van alongside the existing eDeliver 9 commercial van. Additionally, the LDV Mifa 9 electric people mover and eT60 electric ute will continue to be available for purchase.

LDV believes that the slow uptake of EVs in the commercial vehicle space is due to limited options and availability. However, the brand remains optimistic about the future and expects an eventual surge in demand from fleet buyers once the necessary requirements are met.

In summary, LDV Australia is committed to both electric and internal combustion vehicles. While the brand recognizes the potential of EVs, it is determined to maintain its ICE business. LDV is aware of the challenges facing the adoption of EVs in Australia but remains confident in the readiness of corporate Australia to embrace electric mobility.

– LDV: A commercial vehicle brand, part of the SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, that offers a range of vans, utes, and people movers.
– ICE: Internal Combustion Engine, a type of engine that burns fuel within the vehicle to produce power.

– LDV Australia (no URL provided)