General Motors Faces Greater Risk of EV Production Disruption Amid UAW Strike

General Motors (GM) is facing a higher risk of disruption to its electric vehicle (EV) production compared to competitors Ford and Stellantis due to a prolonged United Auto Workers (UAW) strike, according to analysts. While Ford and Stellantis are focusing on releasing revamped combustion-engine models, GM’s immediate priority lies in its EV lineup, with plans to launch or scale up production of at least five new EVs, including electric versions of its Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups.

However, GM has been grappling with challenges in battery manufacturing, EV supply chain logistics, and delivery to dealers. In the second quarter, the company fell significantly short of expectations, delivering just 1,348 Cadillac Lyriqs and 47 GMC Hummers due to issues with battery module assembly. CEO Mary Barra acknowledged that the automaker’s automation equipment supplier was experiencing delivery problems, creating a bottleneck that required the assembly of battery modules by hand.

While some industry experts believe that a longer strike could provide an opportunity for GM to address and resolve these ongoing EV and battery operation issues, others argue that the strike will have negative consequences. Bill Rinna, director of Americas vehicle forecasts at GlobalData, expressed concerns about potential billions of dollars in losses for GM and emphasized the difficulty of justifying any benefits resulting from an extended strike. Wedbush auto analyst Daniel Ives described the situation as a “potential nightmare” for GM, as it coincides with a critical period for EV execution, model roll-outs, distribution, marketing, and increasing competition in the EV market.

In addition, the UAW strike in the United States could impact the flow of essential auto parts to GM operations in Canada and Mexico, further hindering EV production. GM’s plants in Mexico and Canada have already begun or are planning to produce various EV models.

The resolution of the UAW strike will significantly impact GM’s ability to address its EV production challenges and compete in the rapidly evolving EV market.


– Paul Lienert, “GM faces greater risk of EV production hit than Ford, Stellantis: experts” (Reuters)

– Definitions: UAW (United Auto Workers) – U.S. labor union representing workers in the automobile industry

– Images: Images removed for text-based article