Greek rescue team and Libyan family killed in road collision

At least three members of a Greek rescue team and three members of a Libyan family have died in a tragic road collision in Libya. The accident occurred when the bus carrying the rescue team collided with a car carrying the family. Two individuals in the car and eight others on the bus were seriously injured. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the collision.

The team of Greek rescuers had been traveling from the city of Benghazi to the flood-ravaged city of Derna when the accident occurred. Conflicting reports have emerged regarding the number of fatalities, with Libya’s health minister stating that four individuals had died, whereas Greece’s armed forces reported three dead and two missing. The Greek authorities have stated that they are working with Libya to investigate the incident and repatriate their personnel.

The accident took place in a country that is currently divided between two rival governments – a UN-backed administration based in Tripoli and a rival Egyptian-supported authority based in Benghazi. The Greek team was part of a larger international effort to provide relief to areas affected by recent devastating floods in Derna. Thousands of people have lost their lives in the floods, with tens of thousands more still missing.

The loss of life in this tragic accident highlights the dangers faced by rescue teams and volunteers who dedicate themselves to providing assistance in disaster-stricken areas. It is a stark reminder of the risks involved in such humanitarian missions.

– Reuters
– BBC News