Life in a Super Soco: Review of the TC-1900 Plus the Future of the Brand


In June 2022, Colombia’s former President Ivan Duque announced the gradual removal of the de-facto subsidy for gasoline in the country. As a result, the cost of gasoline started to increase monthly, leading many to consider alternative modes of transportation. The author of this article decided to purchase an electric motorcycle, specifically the two-year-old, 5000-km Super Soco TC-1900, due to rising gasoline prices. The Super Soco TC-1900 is a retro-style e-bike that features a removable 1.8-kWh lithium-ion Panasonic battery, a 1.9-kW in-wheel motor, and an analog speedometer with a digital screen.

The driving experience of the TC-1900 is characterized by instant acceleration and three driving modes that limit power and speed. The battery life of e-bikes has been a concern, but the author has not experienced any significant degradation in their TC-1900’s battery over three years of use. Battery prices for the TC-1900 have also been falling rapidly, making it more affordable to replace the battery when needed. The author estimates the battery to last at least five years and ideally eight years.

Overall, the TC-1900 has been a practical and reliable mode of transportation for the author in Bogota’s traffic conditions. While the vehicle does have some quirks, it offers a cost-effective solution to rising gasoline prices in Colombia. The article ends with a mention of the future of the Super Soco brand and the potential for expanding its capabilities in suburban areas.

*Gasoline: a flammable fuel mixture that is used in internal combustion engines, typically consisting of refined petroleum or crude oil.

Source: CleanTechnica (No URL provided)