247EV Recognized for Exceptional Customer Service and Quality Installations

WARRINGTON-based EV charge point installation company, 247EV, has recently been acknowledged as the top installer of the month by a prominent EV charge point manufacturer in the UK.

The dedicated team at 247EV has earned this distinction due to their outstanding customer service and consistently high-quality installations executed by their knowledgeable salespeople and engineers. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the company’s services, describing them as being of excellent quality and accompanied by exceptional customer support. One customer praised 247EV for their helpfulness throughout the entire installation process, ensuring a smooth experience from the initial inquiry to the final setup. The installation specialist was praised for their professionalism, politeness, and efficiency in completing the job to the customer’s satisfaction.

One of the key factors that set 247EV apart is their strong collaboration with leading EV charge point manufacturers in the UK. By attentively listening to their customers’ specific requirements, the company is able to offer them the most suitable charge point that aligns with their needs effectively. Chris Ridley, a representative from 247EV, emphasizes that this award serves as a testament to the hard work exhibited by the company’s dedicated team, both in the office during the pre-installation phase and in the field with their exceptional engineers.

247EV’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its ability to adapt to its customers’ needs have positioned them as a trusted and reliable player in the EV charge point installation industry. Their dedication to delivering high-quality installations in a professional and efficient manner sets the company apart, making them a top choice for customers seeking EV charge point services.

Q: What makes 247EV stand out from its competitors?
A: 247EV distinguishes itself through its exceptional customer service, high-quality installations, and a collaborative approach with leading EV charge point manufacturers.

Q: How does 247EV ensure customer satisfaction?
A: 247EV listens to the specific requirements of its customers and offers charge points that best suit their needs, providing a personalized and tailored experience.

Q: What sets 247EV’s installation team apart?
A: 247EV’s installation specialists are known for their professionalism, politeness, and efficiency in completing installations to the highest standards. They prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring a tidy job and cleaning up after themselves.