New Electric SUV from Lucid: The Gravity Takes on the Market

Lucid, the electric vehicle manufacturer, is set to make a splash in the new-vehicle market with its upcoming release, the Gravity. This crossover SUV made its grand debut at the 2023 LA auto show and is expected to hit the roads in late 2024. With an impressive projected range of over 440 miles and a base model price under $80,000, the Gravity aims to be a game-changer for EV enthusiasts.

While Lucid has yet to reveal specific details about the Gravity’s powertrain, it has been confirmed that the initial launch will feature a dual-motor variant with a lightning-fast 0-60 mph time of less than 3.5 seconds. This SUV will come equipped with all-wheel drive, thanks to a motor at each axle. Lucid has also hinted at the possibility of introducing single-motor and tri-motor models down the line, similar to their popular Air sedan.

In terms of design, the Gravity takes inspiration from Lucid’s previous concept teasers with its rounded front end, short overhangs, and Air sedan-like details. However, the roofline has been modified for enhanced aerodynamics, featuring a tapered rear portion with a spoiler that helps control airflow. The charge port door of the Gravity is manually operated, unlike the Air, and flips up and to the left when opened. Notably, the front trunk, or “frunk,” is designed to accommodate two adults and even includes cup holders.

Inside the Gravity, Lucid takes cues from the Air’s dashboard design, showcasing a 34-inch curved OLED digital display that seamlessly blends into one solid screen. The steering wheel features a squircle design with touchpads that offer haptic feedback. The center console boasts a new horizontal 12.6-inch touchscreen display, housing Lucid’s next-generation operating system, UX 3.0. Physical buttons and knobs are retained for core audio and climate control functions.

The Gravity offers seating for up to seven passengers across three full rows. The second row offers fold-out tables, inspired by airplane design, catering to owners who prefer to bring their own tablets for work or entertainment. The third row folds flat into a cargo well, providing versatile storage options. With both the second and third rows folded, the Gravity offers ample cargo space, accommodating items up to 7.5 feet long and even an 8.5-foot surfboard diagonally.

Lucid prioritizes safety with a range of advanced features included as standard, such as automatic emergency braking, active lane control, blind-spot monitors, and a surround-view camera system. Additionally, the Gravity offers cruise control and the option to upgrade to Lucid’s DreamDrive Pro driver-assistance system, opening doors to semi-autonomous driving in the future.

As production details are finalized, Lucid remains committed to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicles. The Gravity represents their latest endeavor to captivate the market with a combination of impressive range, stunning design, and advanced technological features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When will the Lucid Gravity be available for purchase?

The Lucid Gravity is projected to be available for purchase in late 2024.

2. What is the expected range of the Lucid Gravity?

Lucid expects the Gravity to have a range of over 440 miles.

3. How much will the base model of the Lucid Gravity cost?

The base models of the Lucid Gravity are expected to be priced under $80,000.

4. Does the Lucid Gravity offer all-wheel drive?

Yes, the Lucid Gravity comes standard with all-wheel drive, thanks to a motor at each axle.

5. Does the Lucid Gravity have semi-autonomous driving capabilities?

The Lucid Gravity offers the option to upgrade to Lucid’s DreamDrive Pro driver-assistance system, providing the potential for semi-autonomous driving functionality in the future.