Jeep Set to Introduce Petrol Variant of Award-Winning Avenger SUV

Jeep, a renowned car brand, is breaking new ground by launching a petrol version of one of its highly acclaimed electric vehicles (EVs). The company has revealed that petrol-powered editions of the new Avenger are set to hit the roads in the UK, with a limited number becoming available as early as December.

The Avenger, an elegant and compact SUV, gained recognition as Jeep’s first-ever fully-electric model, earning it the prestigious title of European Car of the Year for 2023 at the Brussels Motor Show. The vehicle has enjoyed immense popularity in Europe, selling over 40,000 units, thanks to its affordable price point and compact design.

Now, to cater to a wider audience, Jeep is expanding the Avenger lineup to include hybrid and petrol powertrain options. Auto Express reports that the petrol version, known as the pure-petrol Avenger Altitude Plus, will come as a limited edition. This exceptional trim boasts luxurious features such as heated seats, a JBL sound system, sat-nav, blind spot monitoring, velour carpet mats, and automatic high beams.

Apart from its lavish amenities, the petrol Avenger is expected to provide a more affordable alternative to both pure-electric and hybrid models. While the UK pricing for the pure-petrol Avenger is yet to be announced, industry experts anticipate it will start from approximately £27,500. This price point positions it as roughly £8,000 cheaper than the most affordable Avenger EV.

Jeep’s strategic move to include petrol variants in their lineup comes alongside recent announcements of a range of electric vehicles joining their fleet, including the transformation of two iconic models into all-electric versions.


Q: What is Jeep introducing?
A: Jeep is introducing a petrol version of its flagship EV, the Avenger.

Q: When will the petrol Avenger be available in the UK?
A: The petrol-powered Avenger will arrive in limited numbers by December.

Q: What trim level will the petrol Avenger come in?
A: The petrol Avenger will be available in a special trim called Altitude Plus.

Q: What are some features of the petrol Avenger Altitude Plus?
A: The petrol Avenger Altitude Plus will include features such as heated seats, sat-nav, a JBL sound system, blind spot monitoring, velour carpet mats, and automatic high beams.

Q: How does the pricing of the petrol Avenger compare to the pure-electric Avenger?
A: The pure-petrol Avenger is expected to be priced around £27,500, approximately £8,000 cheaper than the cheapest Avenger EV.