Boost to Motor Trades Association’s Training Centre in South Australia to Address Shortage of Mechanics

The Motor Trades Association’s (MTA) Training Centre in Cleve, South Australia, is set to receive a boost of $400,000, which could help alleviate the state-wide shortage of mechanics. The funding will enable the training centre to offer an additional 50 apprenticeship places, bringing the total number of apprentices to 150.

Currently, there are 2,050 skilled motor trade positions vacant in South Australia, causing a significant shortage in the industry. The MTA’s Cleve Training Centre has been growing steadily since its establishment in 2019, starting with only six apprentices and now hosting 100. With the new funding, the training centre aims to double its capacity and serve the local community by training 150 apprentices.

The upgrade to the training centre will include state-of-the-art equipment, a new heavy and agriculture-vehicle workshop, and improvements to classrooms and offices. The centre will also operate as a full-time career hub, providing drop-in sessions and interviews to connect students and job seekers with work experience, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities.

The MTA Training Centre offers a variety of courses, with agricultural mechanical being the most popular. Other career options include heavy machinery and auto-electrical. The training centres in Cleve and Adelaide are strategically located to reduce travel costs for businesses and retain talented individuals in the regions.

The injection of funding will ensure that apprentices are equipped with the latest technology advancements in the automotive industry. Auto-electrical skills, in particular, are in high demand due to the rise of electric vehicles, autonomous tractors, and GPS systems. The industry is rapidly evolving, with increased reliance on plug-in computers, diagnostics, and programming.

While electric vehicles are not yet the majority on Australian roads, their popularity is growing rapidly, with a 300% increase in sales this year. The industry anticipates a transition towards electric vehicles in the coming years. However, in the meantime, the MTA Training Centre will play a vital role in addressing the skills crisis in South Australia.

The boost to the MTA’s Training Centre is a step towards filling the shortage of mechanics in South Australia. By providing additional apprenticeship places and modernizing the training facilities, the centre aims to attract more young people to the motor trades industry and showcase the abundant opportunities available. With the ever-changing automotive landscape, it is crucial to equip apprentices with the skills necessary to adapt to new technologies and meet future industry demands.

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