Why Men Are More Likely to Buy Electric Vehicles Than Women, According to a Survey

A recent survey conducted by GOBankingRates found that men are six times more likely to purchase a new electric vehicle (EV) than women when car shopping. Among Americans who bought a vehicle in the past year, 6% of men purchased a fully electric new car or truck, compared to only 1% of women.

One possible reason for this gender gap is that men have more positive feelings towards EVs than women. According to a separate survey conducted by Edmunds, 55% of men expressed a liking for EVs, whereas only 22% of women shared the same sentiment. Women were more likely to be neutral towards EVs, with 33% considering themselves impartial.

Price is also a significant factor in this gender disparity. The Edmunds survey revealed that women have a higher desire for lower-priced EVs, with 34% stating that they would like to pay less than $30,000 for an electric vehicle, compared to 16% of men. However, the current market average for EV prices is around $60,000, which is not within the desired price range for many women.

The findings from these surveys suggest that car manufacturers and dealerships should focus on effectively communicating the unique selling points and practical reasons for purchasing an EV to the female buying audience. By doing so, women can connect on a personal level with the potential benefits and features of electric vehicles.

It’s important for women to feel empowered and informed when making car-buying decisions, especially in an increasingly electric vehicle-focused market. With more affordable options and tailored marketing approaches, the gender gap in EV purchases could be bridged.

– Survey conducted by GOBankingRates
– Survey conducted by Edmunds