Mercedes-Benz Accused of Emission Cheating in Euro 6 Cars

Mercedes-Benz has been accused of using emission cheating devices in its Euro 6 emission standard-compliant cars, according to Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), a non-profit environmental and consumer protection organization in Germany. The accusation adds to the ongoing Dieselgate saga, which began with Volkswagen and has since involved other auto brands.

A leaked letter from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority revealed that Mercedes-Benz was under scrutiny earlier this year for using emission cheating devices to bypass the stringent Euro 6 emission standards. Specifically, three software-based devices were found on the OM642 diesel engine powering the Mercedes-Benz E350 BlueTec. Two of these devices altered the engine operation based on temperature parameters.

The German agency warned Mercedes-Benz to address the issue or risk having the affected cars banned from operation. The automaker has responded by claiming that it has already developed and implemented the necessary software update to rectify the problem. This is not the first time Mercedes-Benz has faced accusations of using emission-cheating software or devices in its vehicles. In November 2021, the company was accused of using eight emission-cheating devices in diesel engines that complied with the Euro 6 standards.

It remains to be seen whether Mercedes-Benz will recall the affected cars to fix the issue, as hinted in the report by Deutsche Umwelthilfe. The ongoing Dieselgate scandal serves as a reminder of the importance of stringent emissions regulations and the need for automakers to prioritize environmental standards in their vehicles.

Sources: Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Reuters