Mercedes Benz Expands EV Charging Network in India

Mercedes Benz India is taking a significant step towards promoting electric vehicle adoption in the country by expanding its EV charging network to customers of all brands. This move is aimed at standardizing ultra-fast charging facilities and revolutionizing electric mobility nationwide.

With the largest number of EV charging outlets in India, Mercedes Benz is now partnering with other brands to provide EV charging solutions. They will offer high-quality charging stations with capacities up to 180 kWh, in addition to regular fast chargers with capacities up to 60 kWh. Globally, Mercedes Benz has over 2,000 EV charging outlets.

In India, the company plans to launch this initiative with around 140 EV chargers spread across more than 25 cities. They already have around 40 chargers in the country and will kickstart the expansion next month.

To make EV charging more accessible, Mercedes Benz has introduced a user-friendly app that provides information about their EV charging stations, as well as access to over 150 charging outlets by other brands. The app, developed by the company’s Research and Development division in Bengaluru, allows users to conveniently locate charging outlets across India.

In addition to expanding the charging network, Mercedes Benz is also planning to promote awareness about EV charging solutions. They are specifically targeting chauffeurs of luxury electric cars to address concerns like range anxiety and provide knowledge about charging options. By training chauffeurs to better understand and manage these aspects, the brand aims to enhance the overall EV ownership experience.

Overall, this expansion of the EV charging network by Mercedes Benz in India will not only benefit their own customers but also all electric vehicle owners in the country, regardless of the brand. It is a significant step towards promoting and normalizing electric mobility in India.

– Mercedes Benz India expands EV charging network for all brands, offering up to 180 kWh capacity, revolutionizing electric mobility nationwide.