Mercedes-Benz Expands EV Charging Network Across North America

Mercedes-Benz Group AG, in collaboration with MN8 Energy, has recently unveiled its first electric vehicle (EV) charging hub at its US headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia. This marks the initial phase in Mercedes-Benz HPC North America’s ambitious plan to invest more than $1 billion in constructing 2,500 chargers within a network of at least 400 charging hubs across North America by the end of the decade.

The newly inaugurated hub offers an array of features catering to EV owners. Equipped with 400kW chargers, it provides a comfortable lounge area where customers can relax while their vehicles charge. Additionally, the facility is designed to be accessible for handicap vehicles. A notable aspect of these charging hubs is their utilization of renewable energy, rendering them carbon neutral and available for use by drivers of EVs from all brands.

Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG Chairman, Franz Reiner, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion of the Mercedes-Benz Charging Network, stating, “The Mercedes-Benz Charging Network expands global charging options for customers of all EV brands to promote clean, electric mobility.” Reiner further emphasized the company’s strategic focus on enhancing the EV charging landscape in North America to meet the needs and expectations of EV drivers while emphasizing quality and customer experience.

To realize its vision, Mercedes-Benz HPC NA has scheduled the opening of several hubs at Buc-ee’s travel centers in Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia by the close of 2023. Subsequent expansion is planned for 2024, targeting the launch of charging hubs at Simon Mall locations during the first half of the year.


Q: How many chargers does Mercedes-Benz HPC North America plan to install in North America?
A: Mercedes-Benz HPC North America intends to install 2,500 chargers within a network of at least 400 charging hubs across North America.

Q: Are the charging hubs available for drivers of any EV brand?
A: Yes, the charging hubs are accessible to drivers of EVs from any brand.

Q: Will the charging hubs use renewable energy?
A: Yes, the charging hubs will utilize renewable energy sources and be carbon neutral.

Q: Which states will have charging hubs at Buc-ee’s travel centers?
A: The charging hubs at Buc-ee’s travel centers are planned for Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.