Sandy Springs, GA: North America’s First Mercedes-Benz Charging Hub

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the first-ever Mercedes-Benz Charging Hub in North America, located at the Mercedes-Benz USA Headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia. This charging hub is part of Mercedes-Benz HPC North America’s initiative to build a network of premium electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the continent. The goal is to create a fast, convenient, and reliable charging network that promotes EV adoption and expands the charging map for all brands of EVs.

The Sandy Springs Charging Hub features several innovative amenities and technologies. The charging stations, provided by ChargePoint, are capable of charging rates of up to 400kW, offering customers some of the fastest charging speeds available. The hub is open to drivers of EVs from any brand, providing them with a premium and comfortable charging experience.

Customers can relax in the charging lounge, equipped with cozy couches, lounge chairs, vending machines, refreshments, and restroom facilities. The hub also features a solar canopy that provides weather cover, overhead LED lighting for safety, and solar panels to generate clean electricity. Intelligent indicators display the status of each charging stall, whether it’s in use, free, or reserved.

The charging hub is powered entirely by clean energy, utilizing renewable energy sources and maintaining carbon neutrality. In line with Mercedes-Benz’s commitment, over $1 billion will be invested in delivering 2,500 chargers within at least 400 charging hubs across North America by the end of the decade.

With the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz Charging Hub, EV drivers will have access to a reliable and efficient charging network that supports the growth of electric mobility. This initiative not only enhances the charging infrastructure in North America but also paves the way for increased EV adoption worldwide.


1. Can all brands of EVs use the Mercedes-Benz Charging Hub?
Yes, the charging hub is open to drivers of EVs from any brand.

2. What is the charging rate of the stations at the hub?
The charging stations are capable of charging rates of up to 400kW, offering some of the fastest charging speeds in the industry.

3. Is the hub powered by clean energy?
Yes, the hub is powered by 100% clean energy, utilizing carbon neutral renewable energy sources.

4. How many charging hubs will be built across North America?
Mercedes-Benz plans to build at least 400 charging hubs with a total of 2,500 chargers across North America by the end of the decade.

5. Is there a dedicated charging spot for handicap accessible vehicles?
Yes, the charging hub includes one charging spot specifically designed for handicap accessible vehicles.