Mercedes-Benz Launches First Charging Hub in North America, Promises More Expansion

Mercedes-Benz has opened its inaugural charging hub in North America, signaling the company’s commitment to the electric vehicle (EV) market. Situated at the Mercedes-Benz U.S. headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the hub marks the beginning of a planned network of charging stations across the region. These hubs, developed in collaboration with MN8 Energy, aim to offer convenient and accessible charging options for EV owners.

The Sandy Springs charging hub is just the first step in Mercedes-Benz’s ambitious plan to deploy 2,500 chargers at over 400 charging hubs throughout North America by the end of the decade. As part of this initiative, the company intends to open additional hubs in Texas and other Southeastern states by the end of this year.

One notable feature of the charging hubs is their availability to drivers of any brand of electric vehicle. This inclusivity is in line with Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to promoting the growth and adoption of EVs, rather than exclusively serving their own customer base. However, Mercedes-Benz EV owners will receive special privileges, such as automatic charging reservations through the brand’s mobile app. Furthermore, those who drive 2024 model year Mercedes-EQ cars and SUVs will enjoy complimentary charging for two years, while existing Mercedes-Benz EV owners will receive six months of free charging at these hubs.

The charging hubs themselves boast several attractive features. Equipped with ChargePoint chargers capable of reaching charging rates of up to 400kW, they offer fast and efficient charging experiences. Drivers will be able to charge their EVs from 10 percent to 80 percent within 20 minutes. Additionally, the charging hubs will provide a comfortable and convenient environment for users, featuring lounges with couches and chairs, vending machines, refreshments, and restroom facilities.

Mercedes-Benz has also prioritized sustainability and accessibility in the design of these hubs. The use of a solar canopy not only offers weather protection for customers but also generates clean electricity through solar panels. Intelligent indicators ensure that drivers can easily locate available charging stalls, while dedicated spaces for handicap-accessible vehicles and electric vans further enhance accessibility. Moreover, the charging hubs operate on renewable energy, contributing to a carbon-neutral charging experience.

In collaboration with Simon and Buc-ee’s, Mercedes-Benz plans to expand the charging hub network further. Buc-ee’s travel centers, strategically located along travel corridors and in areas lacking EV charging infrastructure, will become home to several charging hubs in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Texas by the end of 2023. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz aims to launch charging hubs at Simon Mall locations in the first half of 2024.

With their commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and convenience, Mercedes-Benz’s charging hubs aim to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and make EV ownership a seamless experience for drivers across North America.


Q: Will the Mercedes-Benz charging hubs be exclusive only to Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles?

A: No, the charging hubs are open to drivers of electric vehicles from any brand.

Q: What are the special features of the charging hubs?

A: The charging hubs feature ChargePoint chargers capable of reaching charging rates of up to 400kW, providing fast charging experiences. Additionally, they offer comfortable amenities such as lounges, vending machines, and restroom facilities.

Q: Are the charging hubs powered by renewable energy?

A: Yes, the charging hubs utilize renewable energy sources and strive to maintain a carbon-neutral charging experience.

Q: Will Mercedes-Benz EV owners receive any special privileges at the charging hubs?

A: Yes, Mercedes-Benz EV owners will enjoy automatic charging reservations through the brand’s charge app. Model year 2024 Mercedes-EQ car and SUV owners will receive two years of complimentary charging, while existing owners will receive six months of free charging at the Mercedes-Benz charging hubs.