Mercedes-Benz to Establish Extensive Charging Network Across North America

Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to build a vast network of charging stations across North America by the end of this decade. In an effort to capitalize on the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), the German luxury automaker aims to install at least 2,500 chargers at 400 charging stations, ensuring widespread access to fast charging solutions.

Unlike other companies that have already established their own charging networks, such as Tesla, Volkswagen, and Rivian, Mercedes-Benz aims to differentiate itself by powering its chargers with renewable electricity. This move reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

The network, aptly named the Mercedes-Benz Charging Network, will offer charging speeds of up to 400 kilowatts, making it one of the fastest charging networks available. It will also be compatible with all brands of electric vehicles, utilizing both the CCS (Combined Charging System) and NACS (Tesla’s North American Charging Standard) plugs.

In addition to the charging station at Mercedes-Benz’s U.S. corporate headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the company plans to expand its charging network by adding more chargers at gas stations in Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia by the end of this year. Furthermore, the company intends to establish charging stations at a chain of outlet malls in the first half of 2024.

Mercedes-Benz has committed to investing over US$1 billion in the network, which will be developed in collaboration with U.S.-based renewable energy company MN8 Energy Inc., by 2030. The chargers will utilize Plug and Charge technology, allowing for convenient automatic charging when a vehicle is connected to the charger.

As consumer demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, the automotive industry has recognized the importance of reliable and accessible charging infrastructure. By joining the ranks of companies establishing their own charging networks, Mercedes-Benz aims to meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners, ensuring they have convenient options for charging their vehicles.


Q: Will Mercedes-Benz chargers be open to all brands of electric vehicles?
A: Yes, the Mercedes-Benz Charging Network will be open to all brands of electric vehicles.

Q: What charging speeds will the Mercedes-Benz chargers offer?
A: The chargers will offer speeds of up to 400 kilowatts, making them one of the fastest charging options available.

Q: Will the charging network use renewable electricity?
A: Yes, Mercedes-Benz plans to power its chargers with renewable electricity, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability.

Q: How much will Mercedes-Benz invest in the charging network?
A: Mercedes-Benz has committed to investing over US$1 billion in the network by 2030.

Q: When will the charging network expand to Canada?
A: The company has not yet announced when the network will be expanded to Canada.