Breaking News: Ballykilcavan Brewing Company Receives Prestigious Energy Award

Ballykilcavan Brewing Company, a prominent midlands brewery, has emerged as the recipient of the highly coveted Best Small and Medium Business award in the 20th SEAI Energy Awards for 2023. Situated in Laois, this remarkable company has gained recognition for its innovative approach to sustainable brewing practices.

One of the key distinguishing features of the Ballykilcavan Brewing Company is their commitment to utilizing locally grown barley sourced from their very own farm. By employing this unique strategy, they have not only ensured the highest quality ingredients for their beer but also displayed a steadfast dedication to reducing their carbon footprint.

In an era deeply marked by concerns about climate change, the Ballykilcavan Brewing Company has exemplified environmental accountability. Through a combination of ingenious measures like the implementation of solar panels and a substantial reduction in energy imports, their carbon emissions have plummeted by an impressive 77%. This exceptional achievement is a testament to their unwavering commitment to decarbonizing the brewing process.

William Walsh, the CEO of SEAI, commended Ballykilcavan Brewing Company’s outstanding achievements stating, “We are in awe of the forward-thinking organizations that are spearheading the energy revolution in their respective industries. These pioneers of sustainable practices are playing a pivotal role in diminishing Ireland’s reliance on fossil fuels.”


Q: What is the SEAI Energy Awards?
A: The SEAI Energy Awards is an esteemed event that recognizes individuals and businesses for their exceptional contributions to sustainable and energy-efficient practices.

Q: How has Ballykilcavan Brewing Company reduced its carbon footprint?
A: Ballykilcavan Brewing Company has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 77% through the implementation of measures such as installing solar panels and minimizing energy imports.

Q: What is unique about Ballykilcavan Brewing Company’s brewing process?
A: Ballykilcavan Brewing Company differentiates itself by using barley grown on their own farm, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.