Introducing the Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Center

Jacksonville, Fla. – Miller EV Solutions, a leading company in the electrical contracting industry, has announced an exciting partnership with CBRE to launch the Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Center (EVIDC). This groundbreaking initiative demonstrates Miller EV Solution’s commitment to advancing electric vehicle (EV) technology and creating a more sustainable and connected future.

City Council President Ron Salem and other esteemed city officials attended the event to commemorate this significant milestone. The launch served as an opportunity to introduce the EVIDC project to the public and showcase its transformative potential for electric vehicle charging.

Dating back to its establishment in 1928, Miller EV Solutions has proven its dedication to cutting-edge initiatives aligned with sustainable energy and transportation. The EVIDC project reflects the company’s commitment to embracing the challenges and opportunities in the electric vehicle solutions industry. Located strategically in Jacksonville, the EVIDC is not just a physical space but a state-of-the-art innovation hub that will revolutionize sustainability efforts. It is set to reduce Jacksonville’s carbon emissions by 8,390 tons annually, making a significant impact on the environment.

At the core of the EVIDC’s mission is to facilitate hands-on learning, testing, and data collection in the field of EV charging technology. This visionary facility offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore a wide array of EV and microgrid solutions, including Level 2 (AC) chargers, ultra-fast (DC) Level 3 Chargers, inductive charging, solar canopies, and battery storage. The EVIDC provides invaluable transparent use-case data to guide clients and stakeholders in making informed decisions for sustainable transportation.

Transparency and innovation are key values of the Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Center. Visitors have the chance to “try-before-they-buy,” making informed decisions about EV charging solutions that suit their objectives. Additionally, the facility offers hands-on training and learning for facility managers and electricians, ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to support the EV ecosystem.

The EVIDC aims to break barriers to EV adoption by fostering confidence and knowledge among clients, reducing cognitive dissonance, and ultimately accelerating efforts to reduce carbon emissions. With the support of partners like Miller EV Solutions, the facility is poised to drive innovation, growth, and sustainability in the EV market.

The goals of the EVIDC project extend beyond its physical presence. It aims to develop actionable plans for EV charging infrastructure, establish standardized methodologies for assessing charging station performance and reliability, and provide a real-world environment for collaboration, testing, and training. Partnerships with OEMs, software providers, and community organizations ensure that the facility has the necessary equipment and expertise to achieve its objectives.

Moreover, the EVIDC places emphasis on community and labor engagement, job quality and workforce continuity, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, and addressing social and environmental inequities. By investing in these aspects, the project benefits the local community and contributes to the Justice40 Initiative.

Miller EV Solutions, backed by its extensive experience and collaboration with industry organizations, is well-suited to lead the EVIDC project. Their expertise, nationwide reach, and commitment to sustainability make them the perfect driver of this transformative initiative.

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