Mini and Crayola Team Up to Explore Children’s Imagination for Future Car Designs

Mini has partnered with Crayola, a renowned manufacturer of children’s art supplies, to delve into the imaginative minds of children through the launch of Mini Minds with Crayola. This competition aims to seek out children’s visions of the cars of tomorrow.

As the first generation to grow up in an era dominated by electric cars, primary school children are unleashing their creativity. Research conducted before the competition found that 67% of mini designers aged 4 to 10 considered cars equipped with giant wings for soaring adventures to be important. Additionally, 63% liked the idea of electric shape-shifting automobiles that adapt to every need, and 51% chose color-changing vehicles that reflect the driver’s mood.

The competition, open to children aged 4 to 10, encourages them to embrace their creativity and provides a platform to explore their ideas while building confidence in their creative abilities. Participants are invited to submit their designs for the car of the future, whether it incorporates sleek aerodynamics, eco-friendly technologies, or out-of-this-world features.

The winning design will be brought to life by applying vinyl wrap to a Mini Electric. The winner will also receive a generous supply of Crayola art materials for themselves and their school. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to enjoy a private tour of Mini Plant Oxford, witnessing the magic of a Mini being built.

Surveys conducted by Mini revealed that 83% of parents feel inspired by their child’s imagination and cherish their drawings and ideas. Additionally, 59% of parents hope their child will pursue a career in a creative industry, associating such careers with happiness and fulfillment.

The research also indicated that one in ten children surveyed aspire to become future designers or artists. Furthermore, arts and crafts were identified as the favorite lesson for two in five children in primary school.

Environmental concerns were also prominent among the children surveyed. Nearly 59% expressed worry about the environment, with 76% stating that they want their future car to help protect the planet.

Jade Childs, marketing controller at Crayola, expressed the brand’s passion for inspiring creatively inspired children. Crayola aims to unleash and celebrate their colorful originality through a wide range of innovative art tools, crafting activities, and creative toys.

Crayola, which has been inspiring children for over 100 years, is excited to peer into the future and witness children’s amazing imagination and their ideas for what it might hold.

– Mini
– Crayola