New Era for Moroccan Carmaker Neo Motors: An Ambitious Journey Begins

Moroccan carmaker Neo Motors is embarking on an ambitious journey as it prepares for its initial public offering (IPO) on the Casablanca Stock Exchange. This milestone marks a significant moment not just for Neo Motors, but for Morocco’s fast-growing automotive industry as a whole.

Neo Motors, founded in 2017, has made a mark with its first model, a three-door sedan priced at $20,000. Competing with established players like Renault SA’s Dacia brand and Chinese petrol vehicles, the company aims to ramp up production to 15,000 cars per year within the next three years. In addition, Neo Motors plans to expand its range of electric vehicles, reflecting its commitment to sustainable mobility.

The Moroccan government’s strategic focus on transforming the country into a regional manufacturing hub has attracted prominent automotive giants like Stellantis NV Peugeot and Renault. Morocco’s advantageous location near Europe has been a key factor in this success. Now, the government aims to accelerate domestic industrial integration through local production of crucial components, further reinforcing the country’s position as an automotive manufacturing hotspot.

Neo Motors has also played a vital role in this transformation, with its success further boosted by key partnerships and investments. One such partnership is with Peugeot, which recently started producing engines at its new Kenitra plant. This move has not only benefited Peugeot, but has also provided Neo Motors with competitively priced local parts, reducing its dependence on imports.

Hand-assembled at a state-of-the-art industrial facility in Ain Aouda, the Neo Motors vehicles embody affordable luxury and reliability. The first model, a crossover urban SUV, offers excellent value for money with prices ranging from 165,000 to 195,000 DH depending on the engine specifications. While the initial cost may seem affordable, it is worth noting that it has doubled since the project’s inception.

CEO Nassim Belkhayat envisions Neo Motors as a car company for the people, similar to how Volkswagen revolutionized the industry a century ago. Belkhayat emphasizes the company’s commitment to local manufacturing, with Neo Motors building the body, frame, and wiring in-house while collaborating with 43 local suppliers for other components.

With its IPO looming on the horizon, Neo Motors is ready to take the automotive industry by storm. As Moroccan manufacturing continues to flourish, Neo Motors embodies the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial grit that shapes the country’s burgeoning automotive landscape.


What is Neo Motors’ first model?

Neo Motors’ first model is a three-door sedan with a crossover design, priced at $20,000.

How many cars does Neo Motors currently produce annually?

Currently, Neo Motors produces 3,000 units of its first model annually.

What are Neo Motors’ future goals?

Neo Motors aims to increase its production capacity to 15,000 cars per year within three years. The company also plans to expand its range of electric vehicles.

How is Neo Motors contributing to Morocco’s automotive industry transformation?

Neo Motors is a key player in Morocco’s automotive industry transformation by embodying the country’s vision of becoming a regional manufacturing hub. The company’s commitment to local production and partnerships with companies like Peugeot has helped accelerate Morocco’s domestic industrial integration.