Is America Ready for a Rampaging Swarm of Electric Cars?

According to Jeff Prosserman, co-founder and CEO of Voltpost, the answer is no. However, the director of electric marketing for DTE Energy, Pina Bennett, believes that America is ready for electric vehicles (EVs), although there are concerns about the reliability of the power grid.

Currently, only 1% of automobiles on U.S. roads are fully electric, but 6% of cars sold last year were EVs. The International Energy Agency predicts that worldwide adoption of EVs will reach 35% by 2030. While these numbers are encouraging, Prosserman emphasizes that the focus should be on individuals rather than percentages. He believes that there is a limited window of opportunity to reduce carbon emissions for the sake of humanity.

One of the main concerns is the reliability of the power grid. In an area where power failures and blackouts have been common, there is hesitancy about fully embracing EVs. However, DTE Energy is investing $9 billion over five years to address the reliability issue. The utility company has a four-pronged plan in place, including a high-tech grid management system and low-tech tree trimming, to improve the performance and resilience of the power grid.

GM, which expects to be a major player in the EV market, is confident that their new battery platform, Ultium, will address concerns about battery range and power failures. With plans to increase battery range to 450 miles and enable unused power to be fed back into the system, GM aims to make EVs a remedy rather than a burden on the power grid.

While 90% of EVs are currently charged at home, Voltpost is working on solutions for charging infrastructure in public spaces, such as turning lampposts into EV charging stations. Prosserman believes that the evolution and expansion of the charging infrastructure for EVs is comparable to the development of bridges, gas stations, and electrical grids in the past.

Overall, the article highlights the growing interest and adoption of EVs in the United States. However, concerns about the reliability of the power grid and the availability of charging infrastructure remain. Efforts from companies like DTE Energy and GM are aimed at addressing these concerns and ensuring a smooth transition to electric transportation.

– Detroit Free Press – [email protected]