Gov. Moore Considers Delaying Initial Emissions Tests for New Cars

The administration of Governor Wes Moore is contemplating a potential change in policy regarding emissions testing for new vehicles in Maryland. The proposal, if approved, would delay the requirement for emissions testing until vehicles reach the age of six years, as opposed to the current three-year requirement. The rationale behind this proposal is based on the fact that new cars typically pass emissions tests without any issues.

One of the major concerns raised in the original article is the predicament faced by car owners whose vehicles fail emissions tests or are unable to be tested even when they are just three years old. The author, who owns a 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid, discovered that certain car models, including theirs, are incompatible with Maryland’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) equipment.

Interestingly, this problem is not limited to Maryland alone but has been reported in other states as well. Frustratingly, neither the car manufacturer nor the local car dealer nor the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration informed car owners about this issue prior to their vehicles requiring testing. Consequently, car owners are left unaware until their cars become due for testing, only to find out that they need expensive software upgrades to make their vehicles compatible with the state’s emissions testing system.

This situation has resulted in a blame game between the car manufacturer, the state government, and the car dealer, with each entity deflecting responsibility onto the other. Car owners, like the author, express their frustration at being caught in the middle, while cleaner air remains a distant goal.

In conclusion, the proposed delay in requiring emissions testing until vehicles are six years old aims to address the current challenges faced by car owners. However, it also highlights the need for improved communication between car manufacturers, dealers, and government agencies to ensure that car owners are informed about such issues in a timely manner.


– “Moore administration supports delaying initial emissions tests for new cars by 3 years” (Aug. 31)
– Author: Andrew Ratner, Abingdon