Revolutionizing Classic Cars: ARC Motor Company Introduces the Future of Automotive

ARC Motor Company, a cutting-edge client of Community Futures Peterborough, has taken a remarkable step towards revolutionizing the automotive industry. Embracing the urgent need to combat climate change, the company has introduced their first classic car, expertly converted into a modern electric vehicle. Witnessed by an eager audience, the grand unveiling took place inside the magnificent Loomex Hangar, nestled within the Peterborough Airport.

This groundbreaking achievement by ARC Motor Company marks a significant stride forward in the intersection between passion, purpose, and the drive for a sustainable future. With a relentless commitment to environmental consciousness, their innovative approach shatters the conventional limitations of classic cars, allowing them to thrive in the modern era.

The meticulously converted classic car showcased at the event heralds a new era in automotive engineering. Retaining the timeless charm and elegance of its original design, it seamlessly intertwines with state-of-the-art electric technologies. The result is an ingenious fusion that pays homage to the past while embracing the future.

The announcement was met with resounding admiration, with Bonnie Clark, Peterborough County warden, emphasizing the importance of ARC Motor Company’s pioneering efforts. She highlighted the profound impact that can be achieved when unfettered passion meets a forward-thinking purpose. Through this extraordinary project, ARC Motor Company showcases a tangible testament to sustainable innovation within the automotive realm.


Q: Why is ARC Motor Company’s introduction of a classic car converted into an electric vehicle significant?
A: ARC Motor Company’s conversion of a classic car into an electric vehicle is significant because it demonstrates their commitment to addressing climate change and revolutionizing the automotive industry.

Q: What is unique about ARC Motor Company’s approach to converting classic cars?
A: ARC Motor Company’s approach to converting classic cars is unique because it combines the timeless design of a classic car with state-of-the-art electric technologies, allowing the vehicles to thrive in the modern era.

Q: What impact does ARC Motor Company’s project have on the automotive industry?
A: ARC Motor Company’s project showcases sustainable innovation within the automotive industry, providing a fresh perspective on the future of classic cars and highlighting the potential for environmental consciousness in automotive engineering.