The Launch of Empowering Workers in the Growing Electric Vehicle Sector

Invest Windsor Essex has introduced, an innovative website aimed at attracting talent to the promising electric vehicle (EV) industry. With a $7.7 million grant from the federal government to support EV growth in the region, this initiative holds significant potential for job seekers and businesses alike.

In a recent interview, Justin Falconer, the CEO of Workforce Windsor-Essex and one of the collaborative partners of the project, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “It’s always nice to be the first.” presents a unique opportunity for workers to explore a once-in-a-generation industry with high-growth potential.

The website offers comprehensive resources for job seekers, including information on job opportunities, career exploration, available training and education programs, as well as funding resources. It acts as a centralized platform, alleviating the frustration associated with hopping from one source to another during job searches. By registering on the website, users can unlock a multitude of opportunities across the EV sector.

Moreover, businesses connected to the EV industry can benefit from a dedicated portal that allows them to share career opportunities. This portal ensures that companies have access to the best-suited candidates for their roles, streamlining the recruitment process.

Filomena Tassi, the Minister of Economic Development, acknowledged the website’s potential impact: “This is going to save countless hours on job searches, and businesses are going to love it because they’re going to get the best workers applying for the jobs.”

As construction progresses rapidly at the Banwell site and supply chain companies establish their presence in the region, the website serves as a proactive approach to building an inventory of workers with diverse skill sets. With its compatibility rating system, the platform assesses individuals’ suitability for specific roles and connects them with relevant training institutions. launched on Wednesday, currently featuring 31 job listings. Beyond our region, the website’s scalability presents an opportunity for its adoption nationwide and even internationally.


1. How can benefit job seekers? offers a centralized platform that provides job opportunities, career information, educational programs, training options, and funding resources. By registering on the website, job seekers can unlock numerous opportunities across the EV sector and stay updated on career fairs, job fairs, and special events in the Windsor Essex’s new EV sector.

2. How can businesses in the EV sector leverage

Businesses connected to the EV sector can utilize the platform’s dedicated portal to share career opportunities. This ensures access to highly qualified candidates, streamlining the recruitment process and ultimately helping companies find the best workers for their roles.

3. Is limited to the Windsor Essex region?

Although initially launched in the Windsor Essex region, has the potential for scalability and can be adopted nationwide and beyond, offering opportunities to job seekers and businesses across the country.