Exploring the Upcoming Citroen C3 Aircross: A Budget-Friendly and Versatile SUV

Citroen’s soon-to-be-released C3 Aircross is set to shake up the SUV market with its appealing combination of affordability and versatility. While the new C3 Aircross shares its name with the recently unveiled C3 supermini, it has a distinctive SUV design and an additional row of seats, making it a formidable competitor to models like the Dacia Jogger, Renault Captur, Nissan Juke, and Ford Puma.

Although there are no official images yet, our exclusive renders provide a glimpse of what the new C3 Aircross might look like. Expect a boxier overall shape and the brand’s vintage-inspired new logo, reflecting Citroen’s latest styling cues. The rise of SUVs and crossovers in consumer preferences has influenced the design of the C3 Aircross, resulting in a chunkier appearance and a higher ride height compared to its predecessor.

The C3 Aircross will offer both five and seven-seat configurations, allowing for flexible seating arrangements and greater boot space. It aims to cater to various needs, whether you require more passenger capacity or extra storage.

Citroen plans to offer the C3 Aircross with a range of powertrains. While petrol models will likely be available for those seeking an affordable entry point, hybrid and fully-electric versions are also on the horizon. In terms of engines, expect the C3 Aircross to feature the more powerful 99bhp turbocharged 1.2-litre PureTech unit alongside hybrid options that combine an electric motor with either a 99bhp or 128bhp engine.

Inside the C3 Aircross, you can anticipate familiar features carried over from the C3, including the dashboard, instrument cluster, and a 10-inch infotainment screen. Citroen may prioritize safety elements in terms of crash protection while offering optional safety assist technologies to keep costs reasonable for consumers.

With the e-C3 supermini set to be competitively priced in the EV market, it is expected that the C3 Aircross will follow suit. Though pricing details are yet to be announced, we anticipate that the five-seater C3 Aircross could start around £17,000, while the seven-seat version may be priced at approximately £18,000. The hybrid variant is expected to come at around £21,000, and the electric version closer to £30,000.

As Citroen continues to revolutionize the market, the upcoming C3 Aircross promises to deliver an affordable yet versatile option in the SUV segment. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting addition to Citroen’s lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will the Citroen C3 Aircross be available in both five and seven-seat configurations?
Yes, Citroen plans to offer both options for the C3 Aircross, providing flexibility for customers with varying needs.

2. What powertrain options will be available for the C3 Aircross?
The C3 Aircross will be offered with petrol, hybrid, and fully-electric powertrains, catering to different preferences and priorities.

3. How will the C3 Aircross differentiate itself from its predecessor?
Citroen aims to give the C3 Aircross a more rugged, SUV-style look compared to its predecessor. The C3 Aircross will also have a longer rear to accommodate the additional row of seats.

4. What can we expect in terms of pricing for the C3 Aircross?
Although pricing details are yet to be announced, we estimate that the C3 Aircross will start around £17,000 for the five-seat version and approximately £18,000 for the seven-seat version.

5. Will the C3 Aircross offer advanced safety features?
Citroen might offer optional safety assist technology, allowing consumers to choose the level of safety features they desire while keeping costs down.