Maximize Your Sports Betting Profits with Expert NFL Picks

If you want to boost your sports betting profits, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the markets and conduct comprehensive research on the games. Luckily, OddsShopper is here to help. By analyzing vast amounts of data, this platform compiles a list of the best NFL picks for each day, ensuring that you make informed decisions when placing your bets.

For Sunday, September 17th, there are some standout NFL bets worth considering. The first is the Atlanta Falcons First Half Moneyline (+EV) (-115, DraftKings). This bet, which focuses on the outcome of the first half, presents an excellent value opportunity.

Another compelling bet is the Las Vegas Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills First Half Under 23.5 Points (+EV) (-105, FanDuel). Based on OddsShopper’s analysis, this bet has a high probability of winning, making it an attractive option.

If player props are more your style, consider D.J. Moore Over 3.5 Receptions (+EV) (+110, BetRivers). This bet focuses on the number of receptions D.J. Moore, a player from the Carolina Panthers, will achieve during the game. OddsShopper’s data suggests that he is likely to surpass 3.5 receptions.

To enhance your NFL betting experience, OddsShopper offers additional tools. Their Premium NFL Betting allows you to access the leading game lines, player props, team futures, and player futures from various sportsbooks in one place. This ensures that you can quickly compare odds and find the best value.

If you enjoy building parlays, OddsShopper’s Premium Parlay Builder is an excellent tool. This feature analyzes the market to identify the best edges for creating high-ROI parlays. By utilizing this tool, you can increase your chances of creating winning parlays consistently.

With OddsShopper’s expertise and resources, you can confidently navigate the NFL betting landscape. Remember, always conduct your own research and use these picks as valuable insights to inform your betting decisions.

– OddsShopper