New Cars from the Past: Ford Ka and Rover 75

In this article, we will explore two unique cars that were never available in the United States. The first car is the 1999 Ford Ka 2, priced at £1995 ($2,425). The Ford Ka was introduced as a lower-cost option below the Fiesta in the Ford lineup. It featured an avant-garde design and was popular among budget-conscious buyers. The car had wraparound polypropylene bumpers, reducing the need for extensive sheet metal stampings. The engine, known as the ‘Kent’ boat anchor, was a transverse installation with 59 bhp. It was developed under the supervision of Richard Parry Jones, known for revolutionizing how Fords felt and drove. Despite the corrosion issues of that era, this particular Ford Ka is in good condition with low mileage of only 35,500.

The second car we will discuss is the 1999 Rover 75 Club 2.0 V6 Automatic, priced at £2395 ($2,910). The Rover 75 was released as a more traditional, comfort-oriented option in the executive sedan segment. Developed with influences from BMW, the car featured the Munich Z-arm rear suspension and various engines from the K-Series. However, financial issues led to the decline of the Rover brand, and later models were not as well-built. This specific Rover 75 is a mid-range 2.0 V6 with 148bhp. It offers a luxurious cloth interior with climate control and a six-disc autochanger.

Both of these cars are 25 years old and represent a unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. They may not be the fastest or most high-performance vehicles, but they offer a distinct charm and style. The Ford Ka provides a quirky design with a reliable and economical engine. On the other hand, the Rover 75 offers a comfortable and classic British driving experience. Whether you’re interested in a small and distinctive city car or a traditional executive sedan, these cars are worth considering. They are available for sale at the Ivybridge Trade Centre in Devon.

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