Nissan to Phase Out Petrol and Diesel Cars in Europe, Switch to Electric

Nissan has announced that it will exclusively launch electric cars in Europe, phasing out petrol and diesel models from its lineup. The move aligns with the company’s goal to transition its entire European model range to electric power by 2030. This decision comes in anticipation of the EU’s ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles without synthetic fuels after 2035.

While Nissan’s plans for Europe are clear, it remains uncertain how this will affect its operations in Australia. However, it is expected that the upcoming Nissan Navara diesel ute and Patrol petrol 4WD will still be released in the country within the next 18 months.

Nissan’s President and CEO, Makoto Uchida, emphasizes that electric vehicles (EVs) are the ultimate mobility solution and there is no turning back from this transition. He mentions that over a million customers have already experienced the benefits of Nissan’s electric vehicles and affirms that switching to full electric power by 2030 is the right decision for their business, customers, and the planet.

It should be noted that Nissan’s plans align with its alliance partner, Renault, which also aims to transition to electric power in Europe by 2030. Renault’s alliance with Nissan dates back to 1999, and Mitsubishi joined the partnership in 2016.

Nissan plans to launch at least three new electric models in Europe before 2030, with one of them potentially being a new-generation Leaf. These new models will be built at Nissan’s Sunderland factory from 2026 and will utilize the CMF-EV electric-car platform.

Furthermore, Nissan aims to achieve price parity between its electric and traditional petrol/diesel models by 2030. This commitment reflects the company’s efforts to make electric vehicles more accessible to customers.

In summary, Nissan’s decision to phase out petrol and diesel cars in Europe and switch to electric vehicles by 2030 is aligned with the company’s belief in the future of electric mobility. By embracing this transition, Nissan aims to benefit its business, customers, and the environment.

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