Android Users Left Blue as Nothing Chats Hits a Privacy Snag

For years, Android users have endured taunts from their iPhone counterparts over the infamous blue chat bubbles that appear in their message threads. Unlike iPhone users, whose messages are displayed in green bubbles, Android users have longed for a way to break free from this color-coding system. Nothing, a new player in the Android smartphone market, attempted to address this issue with its recent app launch.

Nothing Chats, the long-awaited solution promised by Nothing, aimed to bridge the gap between Android and iPhone. The app allowed Android users to have their messages displayed in blue bubbles within iMessage, similar to how iPhone users’ messages appear. However, the excitement was short-lived as the app faced immediate backlash and was swiftly removed from the Google Play store due to privacy concerns.

Developed in collaboration with Sunbird, the Nothing Chats app was initially released in beta form exclusively for Nothing Phone 2 users in select markets. Acting as a temporary fix, the app relied on Sunbird to transfer text messages from Nothing Phone 2 to iMessage. Unfortunately, this required users to grant the app access to their iCloud accounts, a request that raised privacy red flags for many.

Nothing has acknowledged the privacy issues surrounding the app and confirmed its removal from the Play Store. The company has also postponed the full launch until further notice, citing the need to address “several bugs.” However, no specific details regarding these bugs have been provided.

Recent revelations indicated that messages transmitted through Sunbird were not sufficiently encrypted end-to-end, but instead were sent as plain text. This raised concerns over the potential compromise of user messages. Additionally, reports suggested that Sunbird might have access to users’ messages, further undermining the app’s credibility.

Whether Nothing can resolve these privacy issues and reinstate Nothing Chats on the Play Store remains uncertain. If technical limitations prevent a fix, Android users may find themselves stuck with their blue bubble status for the foreseeable future.


1. What is Nothing Chats?

Nothing Chats is an app developed by Nothing, an emerging player in the Android smartphone market. It aimed to allow Android users to have their messages displayed in blue bubbles within iMessage, similar to how messages from iPhone users appear.

2. Why was Nothing Chats removed from the Play Store?

The app was swiftly removed from the Play Store due to privacy concerns. It required users to grant access to their iCloud accounts, raising red flags about the security and privacy of their messages.

3. Why was Nothing Chats delayed?

Nothing has announced that the full launch of Nothing Chats has been delayed until further notice. The company cited the need to fix several bugs, but no specific information about these bugs has been provided.

4. What were the privacy issues surrounding Nothing Chats?

Reports indicated that messages sent through the app were not encrypted end-to-end and were transmitted as plain text. There were also concerns that Sunbird, the intermediary for message transfer, might have access to users’ messages.