The Rising Trend of New Car Registrations in Kerry

New car registrations in Kerry have witnessed a significant increase of 7% in the current year, according to data released by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI). This rise in vehicle registrations is a testament to the growing demand for automobiles in the region.

On a national level, the figures show a remarkable surge in new car registrations, with a 15% increase to 120,495 vehicles compared to the same period last year. These numbers signify a positive trend in the Irish automotive market, highlighting the preferences of consumers for new cars.

In Kerry specifically, the rise in new car registrations has been noteworthy. The data reveals that 2,418 new cars have been registered in the county so far this year, indicating a clear uptick from the previous year’s figure of 2,259 vehicles. This rise in registrations suggests that individuals in Kerry are increasingly inclined towards purchasing new cars.

While there has been an overall growth in new car registrations, the month of October witnessed a slight decline in national figures. The registrations dipped by 17%, with a total of 2,178 vehicles registered in October 2022 compared to 2,617 in October last year. However, despite this slight setback, the overall trend remains positive.

A closer look at Kerry’s October registrations reveals a decline of 7% compared to the same month in the previous year. The number of registrations fell from 28 to 26, indicating a slight decrease in new car purchases during this period. Nonetheless, Kerry continues to contribute to the overall growth in the automobile sector.


Q: What is the source of the data on new car registrations?
A: The data on new car registrations in Kerry is sourced from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI).

Q: What is the significance of the increase in new car registrations?
A: The increase in new car registrations reflects the growing demand for automobiles in Kerry and highlights the preferences of consumers in the region.

Q: Has the national trend in new car registrations been consistent?
A: While there was a slight decline in new car registrations in October on a national scale, the overall trend has shown a substantial increase in vehicle registrations compared to the same period in the previous year.