New EV Charging Station in Australia Provides Sustainable and Reliable Power

A video circulating on social media claims to show an electric vehicle (EV) charging station in Australia that relies on a diesel generator running 24/7 to power the charging point. However, this claim has been proven false. The charging station, built by the Australian National Roads and Motorists’ Association, actually utilizes solar panels as its primary source of energy.

The prototype charging station was designed to meet the needs of remote areas in Australia that are not connected to the electric grid. According to Pete Khoury, a spokesperson for the association, the station takes advantage of the abundant sunlight in the Australian outback to generate electricity. Solar panels, clearly visible in the video, provide the main source of power for the EV chargers.

While the video briefly shows a diesel generator at the charging station, Khoury explains that it serves as a backup power source. The generator only activates when the solar panels are unable to capture enough energy, which may occur during periods of rain or overcast weather. The battery storage system also helps bridge the gap during these times, ensuring that the charging station remains operational.

In addition to providing charging services to remote locations, the association is actively exploring various EV charging options to serve larger parts of Australia that lack grid power. This initiative aims to address the challenges faced by drivers in these isolated areas, where conventional petrol or diesel vehicles often require individuals to carry their own fuel.

It is important to critically evaluate information shared on social media and rely on credible sources for accurate facts. In this case, the video’s claim of a diesel generator running continuously at an EV charging station is misleading. The charging station in question demonstrates an innovative solution that combines solar energy with backup power to provide reliable and sustainable charging services for electric vehicles.


1. Is the charging station entirely powered by solar energy?
The charging station primarily relies on solar panels to generate electricity. However, a diesel generator serves as a backup power source during periods of limited solar energy.

2. How does the battery storage system work?
The battery storage system at the charging station helps store excess energy generated by the solar panels. During times when the panels are unable to capture enough energy, the stored electricity from the batteries ensures uninterrupted charging services.

3. What is the purpose of building EV charging stations in remote areas?
The aim of building EV charging stations in remote areas is to provide electric vehicle owners with access to charging infrastructure even in locations that are not connected to the electric grid. This initiative promotes the adoption and use of electric vehicles in diverse environments.

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