Embarking on an Electrically Powered Adventure

Roadtripping in the Roaring Twenties was filled with adventure and unpredictability. However, with the advancement of technology and the availability of reliable cars and navigation apps, the mystery and romance of road trips seem to have diminished. But one family is determined to bring back the excitement by embarking on a summer holiday in a long-term Skoda Enyaq vRS electric car, driving from the UK to the French Alps.

With an official range of about 320 miles, the real-world range of the electric vehicle is estimated to be around 250 miles, taking into account the high-speed driving on French autoroutes and the additional drag caused by bicycles on the roof. This means that the family may need to recharge the car every 100 miles or so, resulting in around six stops of approximately 45 minutes each.

While this may not be as daring as the road trips of the past, it presents its own set of challenges and inconveniences. The family has prepared for the journey by studying maps, locating fast charge stations, and learning key phrases in French to inquire about the fastest charging options. They even have an emergency whistle on hand, just in case.

Despite the potential complications and uncertainties, the family is eagerly anticipating the adventure that lies ahead. The romantic spirit of Twenties road trips is back, albeit with a modern twist—the issues now revolve around charging the electric vehicle. By embracing the inconvenience, they hope to recapture the thrill and excitement that came with embarking on an unpredictable journey.

– Original Article: Opinion – Time to go on an adventure… an electrically powered adventure!